Saturday, 16 July 2011

Eureka! Day 10

Can't believe it's day 10 already, finally got WiFi but I'm stealing it from Subway next to the motel. Had my first good day riding in Montana and all of a sudden everyone I meet is in some way scottish but despite that it's the first state I've had any problem with my accent.

I'm right at the north of the country just now and I can actually see across the border into Canada. Got my second set of big climbs over the next few days in glacier national park but then I hit th planes where I'm hoping to pile in the miles if the wind is on my side.

Had a great ride today, just a 70 miler but it was a fairly steady climb and I gained 3800 feet. Rode for almost the whole day with a lovely couple I met on a tandem just outside of Libby who were also heading to Eureka. They treated me to lunch at a great place just off the road where incredibly we met a german and english couple who live in Edinburgh and are also riding the northern tier route across the country. Later we met a norwegian man who had come the other way and is close to finishing. All in all a good day and hopefully going to have a bit of a longer day tomorrow.

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