Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hello America!

Just getting up for my seccond day in America and first day of cycling! Had the longest day ever on Monday with my first long haul flight, from London to Seattle. It still does not make sense that I can leave at quarter to three and arrive over nine hours later at only five o'clock! However at the end of a bizzare day chasing the sun I arrived on Independance Day, a great day to arrive if you want to fight jet lag. Matt and Kell, my hosts here in Seattle then took me out for the celebrations making it an over 24hr day but a great one none the less.

Yesterday was pretty good, my first full day in the US! It was pretty surreal just being here and then I met my first Mormons and to top it off they were telling me how much they love down hill mountain biking and that they really want to go riding in Fort William!

Anyway time to start my first ride!

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